Our company manage Integrated facility business in Hikone city, Shiga.
We provide Air conditioner construction, Water-and-drainage-works equipment, Plant facility construction, Electric facility construction, Maintenance, Energy saving and Eco-system.


Core Competency

Air conditioning equipment work

"We challenge to the creation of eco-friendly air-conditioning system"

In order to maintain a comfortable environment, there are some requirements that must be considered comprehensively.
It is a perspective that stands above all human knowledge in the sense of technical knowledge for air conditioning, and the consideration of the cost and the efficient operation.
We provide construction, maintenance and eco-fliendly air conditioning for school, buildings, hospitals, etc.
Please contact us for the clean room air conditioning equipment, special air conditioning, room air conditioning, floor heating

Construction plumbing sanitary

"Plumbing and sanitation facilities that considers safety and hygiene"

Water required daily life, business and every aspect of human life.
In order to supply to ensure stable water, we propose construction companies and residential plumbing and sanitation facilities that considers health and safety and also fire fighting equipment work depending on the application and the size of the facility.
Please consult anything for plumbing construction, maintenance on water, energy saving and renewal

Plant construction

“We realize clean rooms, energy saving, ecology and low-cost”

We utilize advantage of the wealth of experience and technological capability and our technology meet the needs of all industries such as air cleaning, energy saving, environmental friendly, providing low cost clean room.
We provide and support plant construction, air conditioning, plumbing, low cost, maintenance, energy saving, CO2 reduction, ecology and renewal.

Construction electrical equipment

"Construction and maintenance of electrical equipment, Solar electric generation"

Electric is essential to comfortable living illuminate the daily life.
We need light for communications, electricity consumption in charge of the control system of environmental facilities is increasing.
Therefore to consider energy conservation, efficient use, safety is very important.
In addition to the normal electrical equipment, we will also propose for renewal solar power, cogeneration, etc., and to respond to low-cost, energy-saving and ecology


"Attentive service"

We offer services that satisfy customers with lower running costs, extend the life of equipment service and reliable quality.
"We has a mobility immediately rush" Please ordering maintenance, repair, renewal and upgrading also.