Solar System

Solar panels in our Service Station

We worship the sun from ancient times and we human beings have received a lot of its benefits

Fossil fuels such as oil is limited to the amount of its reserves and it generate carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.
Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are causing serious environmental problems such as global warming and acid rain.
On the other hand, inexhaustible and clean solar energy is an ideal alternative energy to petroleum.
The supply amount of solar energy is huge, and it is said it equivalent to annual energy consumption of the whole world in one hour.
As how to use solar energy, there are ways to use hot water heating and cooling to collect the thermal energy, and solar power that generates power using light energy.

Solar collector is the efficient use of solar energy as an inexhaustible and clean.
The more use it will be more help to save the use of fossil fuels, can also help to protect the global environment.
Solar collector for solar system has adopted a unique method of vacuum.
Which was holding the heat collecting tube or plate heat collection vacuum glass tube in a cylindrical thick, which is heated to obtain a warmth and excellent properties as a solar collector.
Overturn the common sense of the solar collector that has been said can not be hot water take enough in winter due to this, it will be able to obtain a sufficient warm water even in winter if only sunny.

Solar panels in our service station

Hassaka photovoltaic power plant
Since Apr. 2014 / electricity output 450kW

Maibara photovoltaic power plant
Since Mar. 2015 / electricity output 510kW